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Report: Florida's elections system has improved, but problems remain

In a hotly contested gubernatorial race that could come down to the wire, what could go wrong in Florida on Election Day?

Many things, says Common Cause, the non-profit, liberal advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C.

The group released a report that looks at how 10 swing states, including Florida, adopted recommendations from a presidential commission after long voting lines plagued the 2012 election.

"Today's report shows us that while Florida is making improvements in safeguarding our right to vote, we still have a long way to go," said Miles Rapoport, executive director of Common Cause. 

Read report here: Did_We_Fix_That_2014_Full_Report

Among the unresolved problems:

-- Florida, like Alaska, Arkansas, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, does not provide online voter registration.

-- Florida doesn't have a reliable way to exchange voter information across state borders. It doesn't participate in Electronic Registration Information Center, or ERIC, which checks voter registration lists against data collected by other states and available on national databases to identify potential moves, deaths, name changes, and unregistered individuals. 

-- Florida doesn't use vote centers, which are convenient polling places where any registered voter in the district can vote, regardless of their precinct. They are centrally localed, often near malls and grocery stores on the way to and from workplaces.

-- Florida doesn't have any "plain language" requirements for their ballots that can help voters to understand measures that are complex and laden with bureacratic jargon. 

Here's Florida's scorecard: Download Did_We_Fix_That_2014_State_Summary_FL