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Raquel Regalado: I'm "considering" a run for Miami-Dade mayor


School board member Raquel Regalado confirmed the speculation on Monday by saying in a radio interview she is "considering" a run for Miami-Dade mayor in 2016. 

Fresh from a high-profile victory in the defeat of a courthouse ballot initiative, the radio and television host said she is "considering my options, which obviously include mayor."

Her remarks to the 880 AM Gray Zone radio show Monday morning make Regalado, 40, one of only two prominent elected officials to confirm publicly they are eyeing a run against Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez in 2016.

The other is County Commissioner Xavier Suarez, 65, a former mayor of Miami. Both Gimenez and Suarez backed the $390 million courthouse plan, which would have raised property taxes to replace the current 1928 facility. 

Regalado, the daughter of Miami's current mayor, Tomás Regalado, would bring a famous name to the race, as well as an outsider's narrative in a run against Gimenez, 60, who was first elected mayor in 2011. But the intellectual-property lawyer lacks management experience or a track record for political fund-raising. 

Regalado has already said she will not seek reelection to her seat on the school board. She told the Gray Zone hosts she's also thinking about a run to succeed her father as Miami mayor in 2017.  I am "considering both," she said.