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Fact-checking Jeb Bush's claim about tattoos and military

Failing test scores aren't the only problem that has caused the military to reject applicants, says former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. Another problem is, well, more colorful: tattoos.

While talking about his push to improve public education at the Wall Street Journal CEO Council event Dec. 1, Bush pointed to problems the military has finding qualified applicants.

Bush mentioned a video in which a military official talked about the challenge:

"In the video beforehand, Gen. Dempsey talked about a 25 percent pass rate. Now that’s not just because of the test, that’s also because of obesity, and too many tattoos, to be honest with you, on visible body parts for people that are trying to get into the military. But the pass rate for a high-school-level test to join the military is about 35 percent, I think, or 40 percent at best. These are abysmal numbers."

PolitiFact has previously fact-checked claims about whether obesity andphysical fitness have kept applicants out of the military (both true). But we hadn’t explored the role of tattoos in filling the military ranks. We couldn’t resist taking a look. See what PolitiFact found.