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Govs. Christie, Perry will attend Scott's inauguration

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, both of whom helped Gov. Rick Scott's re-election campaign and who have White House aspirations, will attend Scott's second inaugural on Tuesday in Tallahassee, the governor's office said Wednesday.

Christie is chairman of the Republican Governors Association, which raised $18 million in support of Scott's re-election in the nation's most important swing state in presidential elections. Perry's relationship with Scott is more personal: They've gone on a fishing expedition together in Destin and have shared a good-natured competition over job creation for the past four years. Both governors also stumped for Scott in Florida in the fall campaign.

Christie and Perry are both seen as potential White House aspirants in 2016. Christie was recently the subject of a front-page New York Times article that focused on how his extensive out-of-state travel has begun to aggravate his New Jersey constituents. And wait until Perry discovers that in Tallahassee, what passes for down-home barbecue can only be found at Sonny's.