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New Republican lawmakers reflect Florida’s diversity

The new class of Republican state representatives doesn’t fit the national GOP stereotype.

Four of the 19 new members are Hispanic. Two are women.

The GOP has long been more diverse in Florida than in other states, thanks largely to Cuban Americans from Miami-Dade County. But the party is involved in a broader push to recruit minority and female candidates from across the state.

The effort paid off in 2014. Three of the four new Hispanic members were elected outside of Miami-Dade.

"This is the new face of the Republican Party of Florida," said newly elected state Rep. Bob Cortes, an Altamonte Springs Republican who was born in New York but grew up in Puerto Rico. "You're seeing more young, fresh, Hispanic Republicans not only run for office, but win."

Cortes and the other new members of the state House will be in Tallahassee Tuesday for training.

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