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Rick Scott ally blasts Miami GOP lawmakers for ‘malicious lobbying’ in bid dispute


A $40 million Tri-Rail bid dispute is going off the political rails.

A top Broward Republican insider, William R. Scherer, is accusing three Miami-Dade GOP lawmakers of improper lobbying in the matter. One of the lawmakers said the comments from Scherer, a major backer of Gov. Rick Scott, are "ludicrous."

The case involves two construction firms, MCM of Miami and Gulf Building of Fort Lauderdale. After losing the bid, MCM enlisted the help of Sen. Anitere Flores and representatives Jeanette Nunez and Manny Diaz. Jr., who then voiced their concerns in a letter to Tri-Rail’s board, the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (background here).

Scherer then penned this letter today that blasted his fellow Republicans. Normally, a back-and-forth like this would be limited to the original blog post. But this scorcher deserves its own post:

“My firm represents Gulf Building LLC, the winning bidder in the above referenced RFP. We have been provided with a copy of your letter of December 1, 2014 to the SFRTA board members. Attached hereto is a copy of our letter to Mr. Munilla of MCM advising him that we are going to be seeking damages against MCM and him for defamation per se toward

“Your letter now implicates each of you in a conspiracy to defame Gulf Building. Your actions are clearly as lobbyists for MCM in an effort to support MCM’s bid. You have made defamatory statements against Gulf Building that you could possibly not have verified for their truthfulness before sending your letter. This malicious lobbying behavior in the guise of your elected official capacity makes you personally liable as co-conspirators.

“Also, your communications are in violation of the cone of silence and are in violation of Florida’s laws related to improper communications in a public bidding process. Your violation of these laws will also be pursued as part of the damages claims against you and MCM for conspiracy to defame.”

“Withdraw your letters immediately. Govern yourself accordingly.”

Said Diaz in a written statement: "That letter is ludicrous. I'm not lobbying for anyone. I don't even know any of the parties involved but I strongly believe the board should guard taxpayer dollars."

Regardless of who's right, this crazy train is sure to make Friday's Tri-Rail meeting into a wreck.

Download Scherer letter 1

Download Lawmaker letter