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Steube files proposal to allow guns on college campuses

Weeks after a gunman opened fire at the Florida State library, a lawmaker has proposed legislation that would let some people carry concealed weapons on college campuses.

The bill (HB 4005) was filed Monday by state Rep. Greg Steube. Steube, R-Sarasota, has also filed a proposal that would enable certain teachers and administrators to carry concealed firearms at primary and secondary schools.

The Nov. 20 shooting at FSU left two students and one school employee wounded. 

It spurred a renewed call for allowing guns on campus. A group called FSU Students for Concealed Carry called on the legislature to consider such a measure, and the National Rifle Association's Florida lobbyist Marion Hammer has said she would support the dialogue.

Expect pushback from Democrats, teachers and FSU President John Thrasher. (Thrasher fought to kill a similar proposal in 2011, saying the decision was "beyond personal.")

Steube's bills do not yet have a Senate companions.