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With a second term for Rick Scott, PolitiFact will track 20 new promises on our Scott-O-Meter

If his campaign promises are any indication, Florida is getting a different Gov. Rick Scott in 2015 than the one it got in 2011.

In 2010, Rick Scott ran on a platform of growing jobs, downsizing government, drug testing welfare recipients and cracking down on illegal immigration. In 2014, he still made job growth his mantra and promised more tax cuts, but Scott also highlighted softer goals of improving education and the environment.

While PolitiFact Florida is still tracking Scott’s first-term promises -- including the outcomes ofpromises about his 7-7-7 Plan to implement a seven-point economic plan to create (by Scott’s own count) 1.7 million jobs over seven years -- it’s time for an update. Scott will be sworn in for a second term on Jan. 6, so we are adding 20 promises to the Scott-O-Meter.

During Scott’s first term, we tracked 57 promises, rating 24 as Promise Kept, 15 asPromise Broken and 11 as Compromise. Another five are In the Works and two areStalled.

Turn to PolitiFact Florida for the rest of our story about Scott's second term promises.