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With ebook, Jeb Bush plans to define Jeb Bush before opponents, media do


In another sign Jeb Bush is likelier than not to run for president, he's releasing a trove of 250,000 emails from his time as Florida governor and he'll write an ebook with it.

That ensure Jeb gets the first comprehensive say over his legacy and his positions before his opponents do. That is, Jeb wants to define Jeb.

"Part of serving or running, both of them, is transparency. So I'll let people make up their mind," Bush told WPLG Local 10's Michael Putney and Glenna Milberg in a sit-down interview.

"I was digital before digital was cool, now it's commonplace," Bush said.

So let's call this ebook sign number six indicating how Bush is positioning himself to run for president. The previous five signs are in last week's column.

Bush pushed back on the notion, espoused by some interviewed in a Bloomberg piece, that his investment activity indicates he's likely not to run for office. And, as for some comparing his investment activity to that of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Bush gave props to "Mitt" and only seemed to fault Romney for not being more proud of his business record, which was used against Romney on the campaign trail in 2012.

"Practical experience is something that might be useful in Washington, DC," Bush said.

Bush reiterated that he'll decide about 2016 "in short order." Deciding, it should be pointed out, isn't announcing. Here's a small clip form the interview, the full piece should be up later today.

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