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Open Miami District 2 seat draws another challenger


The field for Miami's open District 2 commission seat is growing crowded now with 11 months to go until a new commissioner is elected.

With incumbent Marc Sarnoff term-limited, three challengers have announced plans to claim his post. The latest: Rosa Maria Palomino, a first grade teacher at Citrus Grove Elementary and Golden Pines neighborhood activist.

Palomino, 46, announced her candidacy Monday on her website, According to her social media biographies, she is also a producer of the Miami After Dark radio show on WZAB 880AM.

Palomino did not immediately return a voice message.

Also running for District 2 are Urban Environment League president Grace Solares and Coconut Grove resident Mike Simpson. Sarnoff's wife, Teresa Sarnoff, is expected to run for her husband's seat, but has not yet confirmed whether she will campaign.

Here's Palomino's press release:

Rosa Maria Palomino files for
City of Miami Commission, District 2 seat

Lifelong Resident and Educator Promises to Raise the Bar on Miami’s International Status and Improve Basic City Services

January 5, 2015 – Today, as we step into what is sure to be an exciting and important year for City of Miami residents, I would like to take a moment to humbly announce my candidacy for City of Miami Commissioner, District 2.

I am excited at the opportunity to serve this great city.  Having grown up here, no one knows better than I what a unique, exciting and booming city we have the honor of living in.  Although we have come a long way in making ourselves known through-out the world, the residents of  Miami know all too well there is still much work to be done right here in our own backyard. With all of the victories of the past several years, we have also experienced many set-backs to our local community.  The time is now to raise the bar! From city services to ensuring open government and community participation, the time has come for our City Government to reach higher – side by side to the residents it serves.   As Commissioner, I will see to it that YOUR voice is heard, not the “politics as usual” rhetoric.

I feel privileged to have served my community for many years.  As an educator, I know what it takes to lead.  Whether it is leading a classroom, a community or a District, one thing is certain – the most important element in leadership are those we serve.  I will not lose sight of that once elected.

The time has come.  New Year, New Commissioner.  Today I challenge politics as usual.  Join me in letting the City of Miami know that we, the constituents, matter and will be heard.

New Commissioner, New Year.

Thank you,

Rosa Maria Palomino

Candidate for Commissioner, District 2

City of Miami

Press Contact – Email: *** Phone:  305-985-0050