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The Florida Chamber's claim about the uninsured

The Florida Chamber of Commerce is weighing in on the state’s rising cost of health care, decrying the Affordable Care Act’s plans to expand Medicaid, but acknowledging uninsured residents cost big bucks.

A chamber task force on Jan. 13, 2015, released a seven-point plan entitled "Smarter Healthcare Coverage in Florida," ahead of a potential fight among state lawmakers about how to cover the uninsured; Florida’s annual legislative session starts March 3. The group made it pretty clear they don’t endorse President Barack Obama’s health care law, calling it "a bureaucratic malaise that is taxing Americans and making our country less competitive" by shifting costs to businesses and taxpayers, and forcing up insurance premiums.

They do acknowledge that Florida having the second-highest number of uninsured residents is a problem that needs fixing.

"Floridians pay an additional $1.4 billion in hidden health care taxes to cover health care received by the uninsured," the report read. "Insured Floridians pay about $2,000 for every hospital stay to cover the cost of the uninsured."

Making insured residents pay an extra $2,000 per hospital stay piqued our interest, because that’s a hefty add-on to already high medical bills. We wondered whether it was a true expense, or if the chamber was just padding its own invoice. Turn to Joshua Gillin's fact-check from PolitiFact Florida.