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Badass Teachers Association faces Truth-O-Meter on claim about days spent on standardized tests

Facing a backlash from teachers and parents over standardized tests, state legislators are discussing whether to pare down the hours students spend on testing.

The latest batch of criticism about Florida’s tests coincides with a national discussion about Common Core state standards. One of the potential GOP presidential contenders, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, has long defended the need to use tests to make schools accountable -- a position increasingly at odds with other GOP presidential contenders.

The Florida Badass Teachers Association, which is part of a national association that formed in recent years in an effort to fight back against testing, raised concerns about the tests as they planned to protest Bush’s Feb. 10 speech in Tallahassee.

Thomas James, an association spokesman and Miami-Dade history teacher, leveled many criticisms of Florida schools, including this one in a statement provided to theMiami Herald before Bush’s speech.

"Florida public school students have become little more than ‘test drones’ being bombarded with an array of standardized high stakes tests which eat up as much as 45 school days per year," James said.

James’ claim about the amount of days eaten up by tests caught our eye because it was more than double the number we heard from state legislative leaders in 2013 -- though Florida has made changes to tests since that time.

How many days a year do students actually take standardized tests?

Turn to PolitiFact Florida to see what we found.