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'I know he's his own man,' John McCain says of Jeb Bush

via @learyreports

The Tampa Bay Times caught up with Sen. John McCain at the Capitol today and asked about Jeb Bush surrounding himself with former advisers to his brother and his father, the former presidents.

"People are making a big deal out of that," McCain said. "These are the most knowledgeable and respected people, the overwhelming majority of them, on national security. They have been from administration to administration, some of them go all the way back to his father. There is a certain cadre of people who are well respected on national security and it’s not surprising many of them have attached themselves to Bush.”

Bush's campaign-not-a-campaign announced the advisers, including  former former George W. Bush deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, on the eve of a speech last Wednesday in which he declared, “I am my own man.” The juxtaposition of those messages drew stares from a variety of corners.

“I know he’s his own man,” said McCain.

Meantime, Sen. Marco Rubio is making the argument that a senator is in better position than a governor to lead the country on foreign policy. Asked about that, McCain paused. “Aagh, mmmm,” he said, clearly not convinced.

“I think experience really helps,” he added, “but I harken back to another former governor that won the Cold War."

--ALEX LEARY, Tampa Bay Times