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Marco Rubio: Decision to shun Netanyahu speech to Congress 'shameful'

via @CAdamsMcClatchy @LightmanDavid

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida said it’s “shameful” that some lawmakers are planning to boycott the congressional address by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose invitation from House Speaker John Boehner was seen by some in Congress as a political stunt.

In an interview Thursday with the McClatchy Washington Bureau, Rubio said that “absolutely” Netanyahu should address a joint session of Congress, as the prime minister is scheduled to do next month. According to The Hill, a Capitol Hill publication, more than a dozen representatives and senators have declared they will not attend the speech.

“I think it’s shameful that people have decided to boycott him,” Rubio said in an interview that also addressed his views on presidential authorization for military action against the Islamic State, as well as his own presidential ambitions.

The West Miami Republican continued: “I wish they would put themselves in his position. He has a country fighting for their right to exist. This is a country whose very existence is being threatened by Iran. . . . He needs to do everything he can to protect his country, and we – as Israel’s strongest and most important ally – should do everything we can to support him.”

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