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Miami congressman pays election fine for sloppy financial reports


U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo has paid a $3,200 fine to the Federal Election Commission for omitting $26,700 in political contributions from his finance reports last year, his campaign said Friday.

Candidates are required to quickly disclose large donations -- over $1,000 -- they receive in the days before an election. Curbelo's campaign failed to report 18 such contributions on time, amounting to $26,700. The campaign did report 92 other contributions that totaled more than $186,000, it said.

The Miami Republican has blamed a computer-software "glitch" for various problems in his finance reports, including mislabeled donations from political action committees. In all, some $93,000 were either misreported or initially unreported. The violations became public days before Curbelo defeated incumbent Rep. Joe Garcia last November.

"We are glad this issue has been resolved," Curbelo's 2014 campaign manager Nicole Rapanos told the Miami Herald on Friday. "The campaign has always made every effort to be transparent and forthcoming.

"We recently overhauled our compliance team to prevent this from happening in the future," she added.