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MSNBC: Former GOP Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison says she will back Jeb Bush in 2016

Former U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison appeared on MSNBC on Wednesday and said she is going to support Jeb Bush for president.

"I think he is exactly what we need right now that will take us in the right direction," Hutchison said on MSNBC's NOW w/Alex Wagner.

"I think he will have a vision and I think he will implement the vision because he's been a governor, he's run things.  He knows business and I think he will help our economy," she said.

She also described as being a "Floridian" as opposed to a Texan.

Said the former senator: "I think he is his own person.  He is not a Texan.  He's a Floridian.  He has a great record as governor in his own right in Florida."