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WSJ/NBC News poll: Marco Rubio does well among GOP primary voters

via @learyreports

Some encouraging news for Marco Rubio in the new WSJ/NBC News poll, which find 56 percent of GOP primary voters open to supporting him.

Fifty-three percent of GOP primary voters said they could see supporting Scott Walker; 52 percent Mike Huckabee; Jeb Bush and Rand Paul both got 49 percent.

From the story:

Resistance within the party to Messrs. Rubio and Walker is far lower than for Mr. Bush: Some 26% said they couldn’t see themselves supporting Mr. Rubio, and 17% said so of the Wisconsin governor.

The good news for Mr. Bush is that he has nearly a year to reshape his image before voting begins, and none of his likely rivals shows signs of running away with the race.

In fact, he would begin the 2016 campaign in much the same place that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney began the 2012 race in which he locked up the nomination after a long primary slog.

Full WSJ story here (subscription required).

--ALEX LEARY, Tampa Bay Times