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AFP releases new anti-Medicaid expansion ad


As the gridlock over Medicaid expansion continues in Tallahassee, the conservative advocacy group Americans for Prosperity is making its position known with a new ad.

The ad ties Senate expansion plan to the politically charged Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. It claims that arguments for expansion are "spinning out of control."

"Florida Senators have been engaged in a game of political spin," AFP State Director Chris Hudson said in a statement. "Instead of focusing on how to reduce the overall cost of health care and instill real reform, the Florida Senate led by President Andy Gardiner has been claiming that expanding a broken and jammed system will somehow solve the healthcare crisis, create jobs and save money, and improve access to care for the most needy. That's simply not true."

AFP has been advocating for other health care policies, including telehealth and measures that would broaden the scope of practice for nurses and other health care professionals.