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Marco Rubio says he'd grow Guántanamo

via @carolrosenberg

If President Barack Obama manages to close Guantánamo prison, would-be GOP nominee Marco Rubio said Monday, a President Rubio would reopen it.

Rubio, talking to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos after announcing his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination, said America needs an intelligence and detention center for interrogating suspected terrorists.

“They’re killed by a drone or they’re targeted in some other way,” he said. “But there’s tremendous value in capturing people that are enemy combatants and from them being able to gather actionable intelligence that can not only prevent attacks against the homeland and abroad but allow us to disrupt the cells they’ve created in different parts of the world.”

He added: “We’re no longer doing that as aggressively as we once did.”

Rubio, who serves on the Foreign Relations and Intelligence committees, toured the detention center in May 2012 as a freshman senator, and has a gallery of photos from the day trip on his Senate website.

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