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PolitiFact looks at claims by Hillary Clinton, Martin O'Malley and Bernie Sanders

While Hillary Clinton has the Democratic field to herself right now, there are other Democrats making waves that they might run for president too -- and PolitiFact is keeping an eye on them. We have been busy fact-checking claims by Clinton, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley.

Clinton said during an event at a college that "The United States invented the community college. Nobody else had ever done anything like it." This is largely correct, though Clinton’s terminology could have been more precise. Also, other types of institutions in Europe share characteristics of community colleges. Still, the specific U.S. system is was an innovation. Keep reading here.

O'Malley said on NPR "We're not allowed to read it (the Trans-Pacific Partnership) before representatives vote on it." 

Strictly speaking, he’s wrong -- Congress, and the American public, will be fully informed of what’s in the Trans-Pacific Partnership before lawmakers vote to make the agreement part of United States law. But he has a point that lawmakers won’t know what’s in the Trans-Pacific Partnership before they cast a separate, precursor vote -- the vote to authorize Obama to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership on a fast-track basis in the first place. Continue reading here to see how we rated O'Malley's claim.

Sanders said on Fox News that "99 percent of all new income today (is) going to the top 1 percent." 

Sanders is referring to pre-tax, pre-transfer income growth during the economic recovery from 2009-13.We found consensus among economists that the statistic and calculation offered by Sanders is credible, but it’s just not the only way to consider income inequality. Other measures may be equally valid and produce different results. But economists say specific data does not yet exist. Continue reading here to see how we rated Sanders' claim.

(Fact-checks by Louis Jacobson and Katie Sanders.)