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Fact-checking Marco Rubio's claims about nuclear weapons, aircraft, bombers and subs

PolitiFact Florida fact-checked two claims by Sen. Marco Rubio about the military. 

Speaking at the Iowa Faith and Freedom summit on April 25, Rubio said that threats worldwide "require strong American leadership, which we cannot exert as long as we eviscerate military spending, which is what we are doing now. We are placing our nation at a dangerous position."

Then he said this about the country’s nuclear stockpiles: "We are the only nation that is not modernizing its nuclear weapons." See how we rated this claim.

We also fact-checked Rubio's claim that "We are the only nation that is not building the aircraft, the long-range bombers, the additional aircraft carriers, the nuclear submarines that we need for our national defense." See how we rated this claim.

And here is Rubio's full Truth-O-Meter record.