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Jeb Bush: 'I'm running for president in 2016...if I run'


Jeb Bush briefly forgot his usual I'm-not-a-candidate-yet disclaimer in Nevada on Wednesday when he began answering a Washington Post reporter's question. The former Florida governor, however, quickly corrected himself.

"I'm running for president in 2016, and the focus is going to be about how we -- if I run -- how do you create high-sustained economic growth where more people have chance at earned success. I will apply my record  and the ideas that are relevant to all of this," he said.

The answer was part of a longer press gaggle where Bush made clear he is not yet formally running. The session began with a reporter asking, "Are you officially running?"

"No, no, I'm not an official candidate," Bush said. "I've been traveling the country for the last three months and making up my mind, trying to determine the support I may have should I go forward." He later said he would make up his mind "soon."

Bush remains an unannounced Republican candidate, which allows him to ask major donors for political contributions at events organized by Right to Rise, his super political action committee. Once he declares his candidacy, he will no longer be allowed to coordinate with the super PAC.

But in practical terms, he's already running. His staff has even moved into a future campaign headquarters in Miami.

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