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Kansas, Texas to support Gov. Rick Scott's lawsuit against the feds

ScottKansas and Texas are joining in Gov. Rick Scott's lawsuit against the federal government over health care funding, Scott's office announced Monday.

The legal challenge alleges that federal health officials are trying to coerce Florida into expanding Medicaid by threatening to end the $2.2 billion Low Income Pool program, which reimburses hospitals for uncompensated care.

Scott has said the two health care issues should be kept separate.

His lawsuit will now have the support of Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and Texas Governor Greg Abbott, both of whom are Republicans.

"I am glad Kansas and Texas are joining our fight against the Obama Administration for attempting to coerce Florida into Obamacare expansion by ending an existing federal healthcare program and telling us to expand Medicaid instead," Scott said in a statement. "The U.S. Supreme Court has already called this sort of coercion tactic illegal. Making sure all of our families have access to affordable, high quality health care is incredibly important and we will continue to fight to protect the health care of all of our families."

Kansas and Texas are in a similar situation when it comes to healthcare funding.

The Republican-led Legislatures in both states have rejected federal Medicaid expansion money. But each receives supplemental federal funding for hospitals that treat large numbers of uninsured and Medicaid patients. The program in Texas is scheduled to end in September 2016. The program in Kansas runs through 2017.

In a statement, Brownback characterized the Florida lawsuit as an "effort to stop the Obama administration from cutting off health care dollars for the Low Income Pool in an effort to force Obamacare upon the states."

"In joining with Florida and Texas, Kansas is protecting the states' right to make their own determinations about these issues," he said.