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Marco Rubio: I cashed out retirement account for campaign -- and new refrigerator, air conditioner


Florida Sen. Marco Rubio told Fox News Sunday that he cashed out $68,000 from a retirement account last year to prepare for his 2016 presidential campaign -- and to replace a refrigerator and air conditioner.

According to a financial disclosure Rubio filed Friday, the Republican liquidated the American Bar Association retirement account Sept. 1.

"It was just one specific account that we wanted to have access to cash in the coming year, both because I'm running for president, but, also, you know, my refrigerator broke down. That was $3,000. I had to replace the air conditioning unit in our home. My kids all go to school and they're getting closer to college and school is getting more expensive," Rubio told host Chris Wallace. "And then when you're running for president, we just wanted to access the sum of that cash."

Rubio added that he still has federal and state retirement accounts and other savings.

"I'm not poor, but I'm not rich, either," he said.