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Miami cops couldn't get uniforms, played basketball


For three weeks, and perhaps longer, about a dozen Miami police officers played basketball and twiddled their thumbs because the department couldn't get them uniforms, according to Police Chief Rudy Llanes.

Speaking Thursday during Miami's bi-annual commission meeting, Llanes acknowledged that 13 officers went weeks without uniforms recently after the department's vendor defaulted on a contract. He said the problem delayed the officers' "scenario-based training," but the department has now contracted with an emergency vendor.

Llanes acknowledged the problem after Commissioner Marc Sarnoff noted the city's police union had raised the issue. Fraternal Order of Police president Lt. Javier Ortiz then said there are two female officers who have been waiting since January, which Llanes couldn't confirm or deny.

"They are sitting around. They are waiting," he said.

There are about 1,150 officers in the Miami Police Department.