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Andy Gardiner: budget vetoes are 'dreams shattered' for disabled

As lawmakers react to a whopping $461 million in budget vetoes today by Gov. Rick Scott, one very powerful senator is irate.

That's President Andy Gardiner, who issued an uncharacteristically harsh statement criticizing the governor's vetoes of programs meant to help children with special needs, the president's top priority.

“While Governor Scott will undoubtedly spend the next several weeks traveling the state touting his record number of vetoes as win for Florida’s families, there are many families across Florida who have seen their dreams shattered by his decisions today," Gardiner said in the statement.

“Families who had hoped their children born with unique abilities would have the opportunity to attend a post-secondary program, receive specialized job training and take part in the college experience, will see that dream postponed another year," it continues.

But Gardiner didn't stop there. Bringing back up the debate over health care funding that led to the budget being finished this late in the first place, he lambasts the governor for refusing to take federal Medicaid expansion dollars but then cutting health programs in the state budget.

This, said Gardiner, was an instance of Scott, "again depriving these families of the chance for proactive primary care and pushing more and more Floridians without health insurance towards hospital emergency rooms when they are at their sickest and most vulnerable."

And he chalks it all up to politicking by the governor's office.

"It is unfortunate that the messaging strategy needed to achieve the Governor’s political agenda comes at the expense of the most vulnerable people in our state.”

Looks like this rift between the Senate Republicans and Gov. Scott won't be endign anytime soon...