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AP: Jeb Bush 'slow jams' the news with 'Tonight' show's Jimmy Fallon

From the Associated Press:
NEW YORK -- Republican Jeb Bush "slow jammed" the news, told about meeting his wife, offered a guacamole recipe and oddly compared his presidential father and brother during a "Tonight" show appearance.

One day after announcing his bid for the presidency, Bush entered the entertainment world on the nation's most popular late-night talk show. Americans don't expect their presidents to be song-and-dance entertainers, but they at least expect them to appear comfortable and quick-witted opposite television hosts.

He was featured Tuesday night on the show's recurring "slow jam the news" skit with host Jimmy Fallon. The job required Bush to recite lines about his candidacy while Fallon, stylized as a 1970s soul man and backed by the Roots, offered a series of double entendres. Bush took the straight man role that was most often filled by NBC's suspended anchorman, Brian Williams.