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Florida gay-rights group compares Marco Rubio to Anita Bryant in fundraising pitch


Marco Rubio's comments to a Christian network last week over same-sex marriage made it onto an email fund-raising pitch from SAVE, the Florida gay-rights advocacy group.

The email, which SAVE sent supporters late last week, compared Rubio to Anita Bryant, the one-time singer and beauty pageant queen who became the most-high profile opponent to Miami-Dade County's human-rights law in the late 1970s.

"If Senator Rubio wants to be president in 2016, he should know that Floridians won't support anti-LGBT attacks at the ballot box -- just ask fellow equality opponent and Floridian celebrity Anita Bryant, whose effort to legalize anti-gay discrimination in Miami-Dade County was overturned by voters in 2002 with SAVE's help," the email read.

It cited Rubio's remark that Christianity faces a "real and present danger" from rhetoric that suggests same-sex marriage opponents are prejudiced -- and therefore their religion might be, too. The comment was widely mischaracterized after a liberal group inaccurately claimed Rubio had called same-sex marriage itself a danger.

SAVE didn't get into the level of detail; it only noted Rubio's opposition to same-sex marriage. He has said there is no constitutional right for same-sex couples to wed, though he has also said the issue should be left up to the states.