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Gov. Rick Scott signs, vetoes legislation

Gov. Rick Scott on Tuesday signed 17 bills into law and vetoed another three.

One of the bills he vetoed would have exempted investigatory records by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services from public disclosure. He said he vetoed it because it required additional legislation to be passed by lawmakers, which did not happen.

Another would have allowed property tax increases to help pay for firefighter pensions. The third dealt with agency rulemaking.

He signed 17 bills into law:

HB 87                       Construction Defect Claims - This bill revises the construction defect claim process.

HB 157                     Fraud - This bill provides businesses and individuals with greater protections against identity theft, and helps individuals restore their identity and credit when identity theft has occurred.

HB 189                     Insurance Guaranty Associations - This bill revises the definition of "asset" to include “admissible asset” as it relates to Florida Insurance Guaranty Association (FIGA) assessments.

HB 201                     Diabetes Awareness Training for Law Enforcement Officers - This bill provides continued training for law enforcement officers involved with individuals who are having a diabetic emergency.

HB 209                     Emergency Fire Rescue Services and Facilities Surtax - This bill revises requirements for counties to hold a referendum related to a fire protection surtax.

HB 273                     Insurer Notifications - This bill authorizes a policyholder of personal lines insurance to elect delivery of policy documents by electronic means.

HB 275                     Intrastate Crowdfunding - This bill exempts certain issuers and intermediaries from registration requirements relating to the offer or sale of certain securities.

HB 369                     Human Trafficking - This bill requires the display of human trafficking public awareness and reporting signs in certain locations.

HB 371                     Agency Inspectors General - This bill establishes additional qualifications and search criteria for agency inspectors general.

HB 373                     Public Accountancy - This bill revises provisions relating to licensure of public accounting firms.

HB 643                     Termination of a Condominium Association - This bill modifies the condominium termination process, including the rates at which certain condo unit owners are compensated.

HB 961                     Electronic Noticing of Trust Accounts - This bill authorizes posting to a secure electronic website or account as an additional permissible method of providing documents if the trustee receives written authorization from the beneficiary.

HB 1055                   Child Protection - This bill relates to the qualification and participation requirements of individuals on Children’s Medical Services and Child Protection Teams.

HB 1069                   Defendants in Specialized Courts - This bill defines problem solving courts as drug courts, veterans’ courts, and mental health courts, and allows a defendant or the court to transfer the case to a problem solving court in another county if agreed to by all parties.

HB 1127                   Insurance Fraud - This bill revises and provides criminal penalties for unlawful charges, and for operating or failing to report unlicensed clinics.

HB 1133                   Division of Insurance Agents and Agency Services - This bill revises the examination and pre-licensure education requirements for insurance agents and customer representatives.

HB 3519                   Relief/Joseph Stewart & Audrey Stewart/City of Jacksonville - This bill directs the City of Jacksonville to pay the settled amount to the Aubrey Javaris Stewart Special Needs Trust as compensation for injuries and damages Aubrey Stewart sustained as a result of the city's negligence.