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Jeb Bush shows off español, sips coquito on Jimmy Fallon


Jeb Bush got a chance to play straight man to Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight show Tuesday, slow-jamming the news and sharing a laugh over his Jeb! logo's enthusiasm.

Bush kept a little grin on his face during the slow-jamming, in which Fallon urged the audience to "listen to my man Jebediah."

"He gots lots of experience down South," Fallon said. "He came from Texas, where everything is bigger, to turn Florida from a limp peninsula to a virile member of the U.S. economy."

Bush then got to talk about immigration -- in Spanish.

"Somos una nación de inmigrantes y creo que todo el mundo debería tener la oportunidad de alcanzar el sueño americano," Bush said to cheers.

"I know you just got back from Miami, but I didn't think I was interviewing Gov. Pitbull," Fallon quipped. ("Fireball!" Bush said.)

In a sit-down with Fallon later, Bush called Miami "a pretty rocking place" and praised his brother former President George W. Bush as "a significantly better artist than I am -- I'm still doing stick drawings." Jeb Bush said he speaks "Spanish most of the time" with wife Columba, "and all the time when she's mad at me."

Fallon asked about the Jeb! logo: "Do I shout it? Did Regis Philbin come up with it: Jeb!" 

The segment ended with Fallon bringing out two glasses of Puerto Rican coquito -- eggnog with coconut milk -- forcing Bush to break his Paleo diet to toast. "Whew," Bush said, taking a sip.