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Marco Rubio calls off two Sarasota events

via @learyreports

Marco Rubio was supposed to be in Sarasota Friday for an event but will fundraise in Washington instead, the second of two events he canceled in the city.

Rubio had been scheduled for a fundraiser there Thursday night, “but his local supporters had trouble lining up enough high-dollar donors to make the visit worthwhile for the candidate,” according to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. An organizer said: “Everyone I spoke to said 'I love Rubio, I love what he stands for and he would make an excellent president."

That cancellation seemed to trigger Rubio pulling out another gathering with supporters on Friday. On Tuesday, Harry Walia, Rubio’s county chair, sent an email that said Rubio couldn’t make it. (Walia’s name was on the fundraiser invite.)

“The campaign trails took our candidate too far from our county and his schedule will not allow him to attend the event on June 19, 2015,” the note said, without mentioning where Rubio had gone instead. “One thing for sure, Marco will be visiting Sarasota but at a different date.”

--ALEX LEARY, Tampa Bay Times