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Potential Jeb Bush-Marco Rubio Florida primary showdown 'long way off,' Rubio says


When in Miami, Marco Rubio can't avoid questions about what it's like to run for president against friend Jeb Bush. But the Florida Republican senator continues to dismiss them.

"It's politics. It's not personal," Rubio told reporters Saturday before the Miami-Dade County GOP's Lincoln Day dinner. "The voters are going to decide. And whatever that decision is, all of us Republicans who are running will all be on the same team in about nine months.

"That's how I view the campaign. And we have friends that are with us, and we have friends that aren't," he continued. "I remember when I ran for the Senate I didn't have anybody with me, so I take comfort in that."

He called Florida's March 15, 2016, primary, which could be a Bush-Rubio match-up, a "long way off." "There's a lot of votes before that, and I can tell you, if you don't do well in some of those early states, you won't be involved in the Florida primary."

Asked about a line in Bush's campaign kickoff speech aimed at senators who "file amendments" -- as opposed to governors with executive power -- Rubio said each person will highlight their own experience.

"One of the reasons Barack Obama is now president is 'cuz in the last race Republicans spent a lot of time attacking one another," he said. "I hope all of us will run on our agenda."