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Pro-Marco Rubio group airs cable TV ad on Iran

via @learyreports

Marco Rubio is getting a boost from a political nonprofit that launched a cable TV ad blasting the nuclear deal with Iran.

"President Obama is negotiating a bad deal with Iran. Senator Marco Rubio is fighting to stop it," a narrator says as it flashes to Rubio and then Bibi Netanyahu.

Conservative Solutions Project, a group that does not have to disclose its donors, said the ad will air on national cable, as well as on radio and online. The group engages in issue advocacy and technically does not back a single candidate. But it has ties to a Super PAC backing Rubio and has likely gotten funding from Norman Braman, the Miami businessman in the Florida Republican's corner.

A source says the ad buy tops $1 million for the first week, a substantial amount. Advertising will continue as the Senate considers the deal with Iran.


--ALEX LEARY, Tampa Bay Times