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Scott tours state on Monday to tout tax cuts


Florida Gov. Rick Scott is wasting no time celebrating more than $400 million in tax cuts the Florida Legislature gave him last week.

The Republican governor is planning a whirlwind tour of Florida on Monday, hitting seven cities in about 12 hours to hold press conferences to celebrate the tax cut package. It starts in Fort Myers at 8:30 a.m., and hits Miami, Greenacres, St. Petersburg, Winter Garden, Jacksonville and finally Pensacola.

Scott’s Miami event is set for 10:30 a.m. at Sergio’s Restaurant, 1640 NW 87th Ave..

The centerpiece of the tax cut plan is a reduction in the state’s communications tax charged on most cellular phone and cable television services. The 6.65 percent rate will drop to 4.92 percent, saving a consumer $20 a year on a $100 a month bill. While Scott is celebrating the cut, it’s about half of what he had sought from the Legislature in January, when he proposed a $40 a month cut.

Also in the tax cut package:

A 10-day sales tax free back-to-school shopping period starting Aug. 7. Clothing and backpacks under $100, other school supplies under $15, and the first $750 of the price of a computer would all be free of sales taxes.

College textbooks would be sales tax free, saving fulltime students about $60 a year in taxes.

Elimination of the sales tax charged for gun club memberships.

Elimination of the aviation fuel tax on accredited flight training schools

Bars the state from charging more than $60,000 for any boat or yacht repairs

Exempts irrigation equipment and parts used for farming from sales taxes

Stops the collection of sales tax on concessions sold at school support organizations, like high school sports booster clubs.