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Donald Trump reports nearly $50M last year from Doral golf resort


The man whose reality-TV show theme song boasts “Money, money, money, money — money!” has made a bundle. And nowhere did Donald Trump rake in more cash in the past year than — where else? — his gilded Miami-area golf resort.

The 800-acre Trump National Doral, home to four golf courses, including the famous Blue Monster, brought The Donald a handsome $49,444,432 in 2014, according to a 92-page financial disclosure form he filed with the Federal Election Commission, which made the document public Wednesday.

The golf resort generated the most revenue among his more than 150 listed income sources. He also claimed positions in more than 500 companies. His campaign said Trump had revenues of $362 million last year.

According to several national polls, Trump is the leading 2016 Republican presidential candidate. According to a statement from his campaign, Trump is also a caps-lock enthusiast worth “TEN BILLION DOLLARS.”

The disclosure form, which Trump filed last week, doesn’t actually prove if that figure is correct, since it requires candidates to list most assets, incomes and liabilities in ranges, including “over $50 million.” But it provides a window into Trump’s business empire — and reaffirms that Trump is, in fact, for real, not kidding, running for president.

“First people said I would never run, and I did. Then, they said I would never file my statement of candidacy with the FEC, and I did. Next, they said I would never file my personal financial disclosure forms,” Trump said in the statement issued with his filing last week. “Now I have surged in the polls and am fighting to Make America Great Again,” he added, capitalizing his campaign slogan.

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