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Jeb Bush, from 'Mount Tallahassee' to 'Mount Washington'


Jeb Bush is bringing back one of the phrases he loved to use as governor -- "Mount Tallahassee" -- only now that he's running for president, he's talking about "Mount Washington."

Bush plans to speak in the state capital Monday about how we would reform how the federal capital works. It's part of a series of speeches about what his priorities would be as president, spokeswoman Allie Brandenburger said.

The speech, to be held at Florida State University, will give Bush a chance to portray himself as a can-do outsider intent on changing Washington D.C. As Florida governor, the Republican likes to boast that he vetoed scores of budget items and slashed the public workforce. His campaign also noted Thursday that he backed a lobbyist gift ban and financial disclosure laws.

During his time in the Governor's Mansion, Bush derided "Mount Tallahassee" as a slow and myopic bureaucracy. The first time a Miami Herald reported tied the phrase to Bush was in 1999, his first year in office.