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NYT: Donald Trump compares running U.S. to running Doral golf resort

From the New York Times:

LACONIA, N.H. — There are many, many things Donald Trump would like you to know about how he would run the country. As he told a standing-room-only crowd here the other night, turning America around would be a lot like running the Trump National Doral golf club in Miami, which he bought when it was in bankruptcy in 2012.

He is really smart. “I’m really smart,” he boasted in Phoenix last weekend before rattling off his résumé highlights. “Went to the Wharton School of Finance. Even then, a long time ago, like the hardest, or one of the hardest, schools to get into.”

People like him, clamor for him, must see him. Describing for an audience in Las Vegas how demand to see him at a recent event was so high, he said the venue managers had panicked and called, “begging us not to be there.”

He is not wrong on this last point — even if he does sometimes embellish the size of his following, as he did here in New Hampshire. He declared that of the 300 or so people who packed a suffocatingly hot banquet hall, there must have been three times as many outside. There were not. And by the end of his speech, that estimate had ballooned to “thousands of people outside.”

But the question flummoxing so many people, including the powers-that-be at the Republican National Committee, the pollsters who keep recording him at the top of their surveys, the casually engaged voters: Why is he so popular?

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