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Pro-Marco Rubio political group says it's raised $15.8M


Conservative Solutions Project, a political nonprofit formed by backers of 2016 Republican candidate Marco Rubio, said Monday it has collected $15.8 million since it was established last year.

The haul will allow the tax-exempt group to nationally air a television ad criticizing President Obama's nuclear talks with Iran, the nonprofit said in a statement Monday. The spot had so far only been broadcast on more limited cable networks. The group says it has spent more than $3.3 million in ad buys.

"We're also pleased to announce that, with more than $15.8 million raised already, Conservative Solutions Project is nearly two-thirds of the way to our overall fundraising goal," nonprofit President Pat Shortridge said in the statement. "These funds will allow us to continue the fight to restore our military and our nation's role in the world, and given the recent news about the nation's stagnant economy, advocate for conservative solutions to an inefficient tax code and education reform so all Americans have a chance to pursue their dreams."

The nonprofit is separate from but related to Conservative Solutions, a Super PAC also backing Rubio. Both are ostensibly independent from Rubio's campaign -- they're not allowed to "coordinate" -- but run by Rubio supporters. The difference between the nonprofit and the Super PAC is that the Super PAC must periodically disclose its financial donors, while the nonprofit can keep them secret.