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The State: Jeb Bush Jr. calls Donald Trump 'divisive'

From our colleagues at The State newspaper in South Carolina:

Jeb Bush Jr. visited Columbia on Wednesday to open his father’s 2016 South Carolina presidential campaign headquarters on Huger Street.

The 31-year-old Florida businessman spoke with The State about how his father, the former Florida governor, can overcome Bush fatigue, attract young voters and handle criticism from 2016 GOP presidential rival Donald Trump.

How does your father break out of such a large Republican field or from those who might not wants a third Bush in the White House?

“Folks know him as Jeb. You’ve got to work on people not knowing that it’s George’s brother or George’s son but as Jeb. And I think as his story gets out people will know him (that way).” Jeb Bush earned his own record as governor with school choice, tax cuts and hurricane preparedness, his son said.


How does your father fight the rise of Donald Trump? “It’s disappointing to see someone do exactly the opposite of what dad’s been doing. He’s been extremely divisive. Dad is trying to unite the party.” 

More, including video, here.