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Where will Lois Frankel and Ted Deutch run?

The first draft of a redistricting map creates a dilemma for two neighboring Democratic incumbents in Palm Beach County: Who runs in which district?

And the answer for U.S. Representatives Ted Deutch of unincorporated Palm Beach County next to Boca Raton and Lois Frankel of West Palm Beach likely won’t be settled for quite some time until the Florida Legislature agrees on a final version and the court signs off on it.

But the initial map shows that the homes of Deutch and Frankel would both land in District 21. Deutch currently represents District 21 while Frankel represents District 22.

While a Deutch vs. Frankel match might sound like good entertainment for Republicans as it would pit two liberal lawmakers and former state legislators against each other, it’s unlikely that will happen.

“I would hate to have that develop as a primary,” said Jody Young, a Democratic consultant in Palm Beach County. “It would not be fun for a lot of people in this town to pick one over the other — they are highly popular.”

According to the U.S. Constitution, members don’t have to live in the districts where they run for office or serve — they only need to live in the state they represent.

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