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Alan Grayson changes name of hedge fund

via @learyreports

Rep. Alan Grayson has changed the name of a hedge fund that raised questions of violating congressional rules -- questions he previously swatted away.

This month, the millionaire Orlando Democrat petitioned to change Grayson Fund Management Company to Sibylline Fund Management.

His spokesman confirmed the move Sunday evening. “There's nothing wrong with the investor partnership using ‘Grayson’ in their name, but at this point, it's simply easier to change the name than to argue about it,” spokesman Kevin Franck said in an email.

Grayson argued that he was on firm footing (Politico in June quoted a number of people who disagreed). But it had become an issue as Grayson runs for Senate. He faced an official House complaint filed by a supporter of rival Patrick Murphy, who pointed to congressional rules barring lawmakers from lending their names to entities that provide a fidiciary role.

--ALEX LEARY, Tampa Bay Times