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Out of Miami Beach, a Trump parody with a cameo from ex-aide Roger Stone


Steve Berke ran for Miami Beach mayor twice and makes a living producing videos on a You Tube channel dedicated to marijuana. His latest project: teaming up with Roger Stone, a former top aide to Donald Trump, in a video celebrating the Republican front-runner. 

"He's Trump, he's Trump, he's in your head... " Berke sang in a Trumpian wig to a pop-punk beat.  "In the first debate Trump was singled out. They said he'd eat his words, but he ended all those doubts." 


Near the end, the camera flashes to Stone at a desk mouthing the song's lyrics. The music goes silent and he says: "That's it? That's a wrap, thanks."

Stone, a longtime Trump advisor, made headlines last month when he and Trump had a falling out. The veteran political consultant said he quit the campaign and Trump insisted he fired him. In interviews, Stone said he was still a Trump fan and Berke's song unfolds like an admiring send-up of the billionaire mogul. 

As Berke sings "Can Donald Trump be president? I think so!," the camera switches to Stone lip-syncing and flashing a Nixon victory sign. 

Released this week, the song took its tune from The President of the United States of America's "Lump." Berke runs a video production outfit out of Miami Beach, and earned national attention for a 2011 anti-establishment run for Miami Beach mayor of the resort city. (At the time, a 30-year-old Berke declared himself a member of the "After Party.") Stone, who lives in Fort Lauderdale, was Berke's campaign manager in 2011.  

So far, Berke's Trump parody has drawn just short of 14,000 views. "Trump -- He's In Your Head" has a long way to go before approaching the reach of Berke's biggest hit: a parody of Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" called "Pot Shop." Views so far: 14.5 million.