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Report: Florida among 'least fair' for state taxes nationwide


Florida might have one of the perks of no state income tax, but according to one personal finance website, the Sunshine State has among the "least fair" state tax systems in the United States.

WalletHub released its annual survey this morning of "2015’s Most & Least Fair State Tax Systems," and Florida came in near the bottom of the pack: 45th out of the 50 states. Illinois, Arkansas, Hawaii, Georgia and Washington finished out the bottom five.

Among the key findings related to Florida: "The wealthiest 1 percent are most undertaxed" here, and the poor (which the survey defines as the bottom 20 percent) are among the most overtaxed.

Which states are the "fairest" of them all? According to WalletHub's survey, the top five are Montana, Oregon, South Carolina, Delaware and Idaho.

Check out the full report here.