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Richard Corcoran's manifesto: Read it here

Here is the policy and process reform "manifesto" written by Rep. Richard Corcoran after he had won the pledges of his freshmen class to become speaker in the 2016-18. Download 2012 Blue Print Florida

Corcoran was unanimously designated speaker today. Here's our story on his speech, here's video of his interview with reporters, and here's our report on his plans for reform. 

Corcoran's statement via Sarah Bascom: “This is a working document, written years ago by a number of freshman house members as a framework for ongoing, open-ended conversation.  Looking back on the document, some of the ideas remain compelling catalysts for change and others less so.  But, what is most important is that we got together and were brave enough to write our ideas down on paper and work from these bold ideas for the sole purpose of making this process better.”