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Florida lawmaker offers to tutor state attorney general on climate change

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Citing a series of Miami Herald articles on sea level rise, Miami Rep. José Javier Rodríguez, a Miami Democrat, invited Republican Attorney General Pam Bondi to visit South Florida for a quickie tutorial on climate change.

"It was with dismay that I read your comments this week regarding climate change," Rodriguez wrote, referring to comments Bondi made to Politico Tuesday after announcing that Florida would join 23 other states in opposing new federal rules to reduce carbon coming from power plants.

When asked by the web site if she thought climate change was manmade, Bondi responded: "I'm not going to get into a philosophical discussion with you about climate change."

Rodriguez pointed out that a recent study by Princeton ecologist Benjamin Strauss found 40 percent of Florida residents live in places vulnerable to flooding from sea rise. Miami tops the state list of exposed homes in large cities.

"To help explain why, I have attached a recent Miami Herald series on sea level rise, a result of climate change," Rodriguez wrote, adding that "responding to the effects of climate change are imperatives, not philosophical matters to be debated."