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Marco Rubio wrestles with latest political spotlight

GOP 2016 Rubio (4)


LAS VEGAS -- Marco Rubio didn’t want to be on the nation’s political radar. Not this early in the presidential race. Not with so much time left for rivals to take aim at the big target on his back.

Yet here he is, attracting larger crowds and more news reporters and trying to make the most of it — without taking it too far.

“Mr. President,” a man’s question to Rubio began Friday at a Las Vegas country club.

“No, I gotta earn that,” Rubio quickly responded. “Marco, for now.”

It was the second time in less than 24 hours that someone addressed him as commander in chief. On both occasions, the Florida senator answered the same way: Take a breather.

Jeb Bush labeled himself the “tortoise” (the “joyful tortoise,” to be exact) in the 2016 race. But Rubio, the far less known of the two Miami Republicans, was the one who had intended from the get-go to lay low and ride the middle of the packed GOP field until he built enough momentum to break out in early caucuses and primaries come February.

The wild political year defied his plans.

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Photo credit: John Locher, Associated Press