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That supposed Marco Rubio cash advantage over Jeb Bush? Not for the primary.


Marco Rubio's presidential campaign made a big deal Thursday about having more cash in the bank than Miami rival Jeb Bush. We pointed it out as well.

It's true. But it's not exactly right.

When it comes to campaign finance, the devil is in the details. And the details of Rubio's and Bush's reports -- filed after statements from both camps releasing their totals -- show Bush actually has a slight edge over Rubio in cash that can be spent in the primary.

Political donors can contribute up to $2,700 to campaigns for the primary -- and another $2,700 for a potential general election. All the money gets added together, though general funds can only be used if a candidate secures his or her party's nomination.

As of Sept. 30, Rubio had nearly $11 million cash on hand. About $1.2 million of that came from funds for the general election. That brings Rubio's cash for the primary to $9.7 million (the numbers have been rounded). Rubio, we should also note, raised $5.7 million in the last quarter, not the $6 million his campaign had generously rounded up to in its release.

Bush reported $10.3 million in cash, with about $270,000 earmarked for the primary. That puts his primary total at about $10 million. He also has $400,000 in debt, while Rubio has none.

Bush's $10 million in primary cash is more than Rubio's $9.7 million.

Is it a big difference? No. But little differences can add up.

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