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A look back at Marco Rubio's FIU teaching record

via @adamsmithtimes

Marco Rubio has brushed off criticism about missing U.S. Senate votes to run for president and careless use of state GOP credit cards and political committees when he was a Florida legislative leader.

But even in an often overlooked part of Rubio’s professional life — academia — public records show a familiar pattern for the presidential contender: basic expectations for the job unmet or ignored, dubious accountability and oversight, and job opportunities that would be highly unlikely for anyone without his political stature.

Rubio took an unadvertised $69,000 part-time teaching job at Florida International University in Miami as he left the state legislature due to term limits. Even after he became a U.S. Senator and started traveling the country as a national GOP star and prospective presidential candidate, he continued teaching Mondays and Fridays at FIU until April, earning $23,448 last year in addition to his $174,000 salary as a U.S. Senator.

Students and teaching colleagues raved about Rubio’s work in the classroom and the excitement of having a prominent Florida politician, and later a sitting U.S. Senator and prospective presidential candidate, teaching them.

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