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Fact-checking Hillary Clinton's claims about Iran nuclear deal and Libya

If it weren’t for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, there likely wouldn’t yet be an Iran nuclear deal, according to the former Secretary of State.

While her Republican rivals who oppose the Iran deal might use that line against her, Clinton has touted progress with Iran as one of the hallmarks of her tenure at the State Department.

"I spent 18 months putting together the sanctions against Iran so that we could force them to the negotiating table," she said at the MSNBC Democratic forum Nov. 6.

She’s said this line a few times throughout her campaign, so we decided to dig into it. See what Lauren Carroll of PolitiFact found.

We also fact-checked this claim by Clinton: "The Libyan people have voted twice in free and fair elections for the kind of leadership they want." Turn to Louis Jacobson's fact-check from PolitiFact.