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Gov. Rick Scott not persuaded to accept refugees after White House call


Gov. Rick Scott was among a group of 34 governors who were on a conference call with the White House on Tuesday to talk about accepting Syrian refugees, but it did little to persuade Scott to end his objection to more refugees coming to Florida.

“The conference call with the White House yesterday didn’t help me at all,” Scott told Brian Kilmeade, a host of Fox & Friends, this morning. “It made me even more concerned.”

Scott said the administration officials told them they were doing thorough background checks but were not willing to share those checks with Florida law enforcement.

“They couldn’t explain to me how the U.S. vetting process is any better than the French vetting process, even though we know one of the terrorists posed as a Syrian refugee,” Scott said.

His comments follow a letter he sent U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell urging them to stop the administration from settling more Syrian refugees in Florida. Florida is set to receive another 425 refugees, Scott said.

The Associated Press reported that 34-governors participated in the 90-minute call with the White House, which included President Barack Obama’s chief of staff Denis McDonough and representatives from the Department of Homeland Security, the State Department, Health and Human Services, the FBI and the National Counterterrorism Center.